Meet Stef

I’m Stef (Stefanie Claire Chapman), a photographer and previously a social worker. I was drawn to both careers because of the opportunity to witness some of the most intimate and important moments in people’s lives. As someone who grew up in a big and busy household, I find some peace in chaos. Whether it’s the intensity and fast pace of your wedding day or your 3 year old who won’t slow down for more than a second for a family picture, I thrive with a little mayhem and adversity! I don’t take myself too seriously and am quick to laugh. Hopefully that gives you permission to do the same so we can focus on capturing the real you!

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My Story

Photography sort of fell in my lap initially. I've always loved to create but not in a "you can pay the bills doing this" sort of way... I had been a social worker for 8 years and was drawn to connecting with people on a real level (small talk quickly turns to me asking you about your deepest fears) and I found a lot of reward in that work but also, having a child changed me and my career goals.

So, when my daughter, Jo, (see picture of adorable little face) was born, I was forced to reassess my identity as one does in motherhood. It was within this time that I picked up a camera and used it as an outlet to find out a little more about myself (and honestly, get out of the house). It wasn't long after that I had friends and family asking for photos, then friends of friends, and then strangers willing to pay me to hang out and capture beautiful moments in their lives. After almost two years of being a Mom, wife, a full-time social worker and photographer "on the side", I decided I would be a much better human all around if I just went all in on my passion. And I did. Now here I am, getting to show my sweet daughter what it is to go after what you want and do what you love. So thank YOU for allowing me the opportunity to be my authentic self while I get to capture YOU, doing the same.

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My Person

Well, I wouldn't be me without Phil. Honestly, I don't know whose jokes are whose anymore and his sweatpants are my sweatpants, ya know? We've been together for 12 years and he's the best. He is my biggest supporter and who I go to about almost everything, including a new season of Love is Blind and "is this caption stupid?". He supports me in all I do and he always wants to improve, which is contagious. We're just out here trying to be better people everyday and parent our sweet little girl while making sure our dog, Winnie, gets two walks a day. Phil's also an awesome realtor who is stellar at what he does and he simply loves it. Watching him do what he loves was a great kick in the butt for me to start doing the same... so, as a shameless plug... GO FOLLOW @leightonrealestate for all your real estate needs!

"Made everyone feel at ease around her"

We only have the highest praise for Stef. She beautifully photographed our day in a way that captured not just special moments within our family, but also the details and character of our venue - a place so special to us.
She is professional, enthusiastic, passionate, hilarious, and so friendly. All things that made everyone feel at ease around her.
We have and will continue to recommend Stef to our friends and family.

"We trusted her wholeheartedly"

My husband and I are both uncomfortable in front of the camera, but our nervous feelings faded as soon as Stef showed up to shoot. She's approachable and easy going, but more than that, her confidence and calm demeanor put everyone at ease. We trusted her wholeheartedly to use her creativity to capture the essence of our relationship and wedding day with natural, candid-style shots, and we were not disappointed.

"Her personable approach make for one incredible wedding photographer"

The pictures we received are even better than what we imagined, and we have so many incredible shots that we are struggling to narrow down our favorites for framing! Stef's natural talent and creativity combined with her personable approach make for one incredible wedding photographer, and she was a large part of making our day so perfect. I would not hesitate in recommending Stef's services to anyone looking for great photography in Halifax!

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